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Chandra Jacobs

My name is Chandra Jacobs and I am the Founder of tripchi, a mobile app that helps you make the most of your time at the airport

I have a background in tech, innovation and product development, especially as applied to web and mobile apps in the entrepreneurship arena, but have recently moved more into marketing and strategy post-MBA, as well entrepreneurship. As a product marketer, I have gravitated toward digital marketing as well as analytics/data mining, which fits well with my techie geek bent.

I love creative and challenging projects in the emerging technology product space, and have a passion for travel, so I thought why not combine these interests? This led me to launch my latest startup, tripchi. Having been a business traveler for 8+ years, I know what it’s like to be living out of airports—you feel like you’re wasting all sorts of time that you don’t have, while simultaneously being bored. What if there was a way to help you spend your time in the airport in ways you actually enjoyed? Well, that’s what tripchi is for. tripchi is a mobile app that helps you make the most of your time in the airport. We serve up recommendations of things to do while you're waiting for your flight with targeted offers based on your flight information and interests. Whether it's dining, shopping, charging, finding a lounge, meeting up with other travelers, or exploring interesting things the airport has to offer, such as special exhibits, tripchi has you covered.

Learn more through our video and visit us at