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David and Goliath must dance

  1. David

    The hidden gem of the tech world, who is quietly creating the next breakthrough digital product and is just waiting to be discovered

  2. Goliath

    The multi-national, forward-thinking corporate who knows the future of his business depends upon collaboration with smaller dynamic forces

  3. They are natural allies

    Together they are stronger, in relationships that culminate in strategic sense, mutual growth and cultural chemistry

  4. Goliath has the digital highway

    He has an unrivalled global distribution network and customer base he can unlock to pave the way for David

  5. David is a digital enabler

    Nimble, innovative and fast, he can equip large corporations with his cutting-edge skills, technology and fresh thinking

  6. Together they are an ecosystem

    The digital future lies with large corporates and digital enablers coming together in a truly integrated and sustainable way

  7. Those who build these partnerships will be the winners of tomorrow

Ecosystem Economics™

  • David provides fresh thinking, dynamism and new technology

  • Goliath provides the highway - the infrastructure and the customer base

  • As natural allies, they form a disruptive business model

  • Together they create a network effect, where value is captured throughout the ecosystem

Case Studies

  • Monitise

    Monitise developed a breakthrough product in digital money back in 2005, however they needed to identify a natural ally who could provide a 'digital highway'. That ally was Visa, who were able to provide the global distribution and customer base

    • £27.8M Total Revenues (2013)
    • 20M Registered Customers
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  • Beat that quote

    Beat that quote was acquired by Google in 2011. BTQ was one of the UK's fastest growing comparison sites in 2008. They needed a forward-thinking partner, who could offer them scale and reach, in return for their specialist knowledge in the comparison and financial advice sector

    • £37.7M sale to Google in 2001
    • 2.5M unique visits per month
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  • Seamless

    Seamless provide prepaid and mobile payment services to retailers, mobile operators and distributors worldwide. Their growth has been enabled by adapting their business model to complement, not compete with, large banks. The McDonald's partnership has therefore enabled them to target customers directly and to reach the scale and long-term sustainable growth they need

    • £12.5M Total Revenues (2013)
    • 3.1BN Annual transactions
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