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Augmented Reality: ToyWheel revolutioniert das Spielen

on Wednesday, 21 May 2014.

Im Grenzbereich zwischen der digitalen und der realen Welt hat ein kleines Start-up-Unternehmen eine bahnbrechende Augmented-Reality-Software entwickelt, die eine Brücke zwischen diesen beiden Welten schlägt und das Spielen für eine ganze Generation neu definieren könnte.

Avuba: Banking neu

on Wednesday, 21 May 2014.

Zahlreiche Investoren haben erkannt: Das Banking von morgen birgt schon heute großes Potenzial. Eine Reihe von Apps und Start-ups sind bereits auf diesen Trend aufgesprungen, allen voran Avuba, ein deutsches Unternehmen, das unseren Umgang mit Geld revolutionieren will.

PAYMILL: taking on Stripe in Europe

Written by Amit Pau on Wednesday, 14 May 2014.

In 2011, online payment service Stripe set out to disrupt Goliaths like PayPal and Google Wallet. The simplicity and functionality of their payment process has resulted in rapid growth in the US, but sluggishness abroad has allowed German startup PAYMILL to muscle in on the European market.

Sebastian Diemer and the rise of Kreditech

Written by entrepreneurcountry on Wednesday, 14 May 2014.

Sebastian Diemer is a serial entrepreneur whose rise to prominence has been both swift and impressive. The 26-year old is a graduate of the London School of Economics, following which he held the position as Global Expansion Manager at the Berlin-headquartered Rocket Internet. Now he has his sights set on becoming "The Amazon of Consumer Lending" through his latest start-up, Kreditech.

ToyWheel revolutionising play with Augmented Reality

Written by Shawna Warmington-Brown on Wednesday, 14 May 2014.

A digital David is bridging the boundaries between the physical and digital realms, introducing pioneering augmented reality software that could define play for a generation. ToyWheel received €10,000 of seed money back at the inaugural HY Berlin Startup competition in a shock award that left commentators questioning their 'mysterious' approach. But now their first app, 'Toy Car RC', is available on the App Store, Founder Evgeni Kouris is taking his innovative concept into mainstream:

Avuba: disrupting the banking sector

Written by Amit Pau on Wednesday, 14 May 2014.

As many investors have already realised, the opportunity to drag banking into the 21st century has great potential. A number of apps and startups have already spawned in response, but it's the German-based Avuba that is leading the way, with plans in place to revolutionise the way we handle our money.

Mannheim: Germany's Most Innovative City?

Written by Jessica Hashemi on Thursday, 01 May 2014.

Sonja Wilkens is an integral part of the Department of Economic and Structural Development in Mannheim, Germany. Her specialties lie in startups and technology, and she is in charge of the technology incubator there. I spoke to her recently about the startup scene in Mannheim, how it compares to Berlin and what innovations are emerging.

Why Silicon Valley is disconnected from European Entrepreneurs

Written by Sina Afra on Tuesday, 29 April 2014.

Every time I visit Silicon Valley – very regularly since 2005 – I recognize how little of a role Europe plays over there. The discussion order goes like this: First Silicon Valley, then the rest of the USA. Followed by China and rest of Asia. Next level is Brazil, and finally Europe. I do not dare to talk about Germany, England, CEE or Turkey in particular. Europe is in one pool – in the view of Silicon Valley.


Written by test on Monday, 14 April 2014.


Why the Euro Area Needs a Banking Union

Written by Ian Stewart on Tuesday, 03 December 2013.

The worst appears to be past for the euro area. The region is slowly heading out of recession. Fears that the single currency might break up have largely abated. But things are a long way from normal. One example is the way in which Europe's single market in banking has weakened under the stress of the financial crisis.

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