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Istanbul-based startup Popmarker leading the way with in-image advertising

Written by Jessica Hashemi Monday, 02 June 2014.

Turkey is emerging as one of Europe's hottest countries for startups. The developing ecosystem, known internally as the 'Digital Bosphorus', is seeing a host of new companies starting to flow, much like the river does through the capital city, Istanbul.

Steadily meandering its way to prominence is Popmarker, a new, interactive in-image advertising platform that is radically enhancing online ad content. The system allows companies to place linked advertisements on any of the three trillion images currently online.

The company is originally from New York, but within a few months of launching a beta version of their software in Istanbul, it was inundated with interest from international brands such as Turkish Airlines and Volkswagen. The platform is now being rolled out in China, the Middle East and the Czech Republic, with a host of other deals in the pipeline.

Recognition of their swift moves upstream have come in the form of awards: The Global Innovator II Audience Award and a Long Island Software Award. Both were received in January and May respectively, marking an extremely encouraging opening quarter to the year.

There is no sign of any Goliaths on the horizon just yet, but if Popmarker's progress continues, this David won't have too far to travel.

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Jessica Hashemi

Jessica Hashemi joined entrepreneurcountry in December 2013 as the content manager, after graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in English Language and Literature. Her current responsibilities include managing the entrepreneurcountry website and online articles, as well as creating a weekly newsletter for investors and entrepreneurs.
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With a background in writing, social media, travelling, and student led startups, Jessica occasionally contributes her own pieces to entrepreneurcountry as well as maintaining the site.



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