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Turkey's booming tech sector is fertile ground for startups

Written by Amit Pau Monday, 02 June 2014.

Turkey has rapidly become a powerful draw for tech investors: and the latest report coming out of the country highlights how startups can take advantage too.

Compiled by a leading investment specialist, the report shows how strong macro trends and an economy on the rise have helped create robust internet infrastructure with a strong user base. The market is fed by stable logistics and payment processes, and staffed by a hard-working and low-cost labour force. Add in mobile penetration of over 90% and a young, educated and engaged population, and you have an understandable draw for investors.

So what about the startups? The internet ecosystem, a vital source of innovation, remains in its infancy: and that's where opportunity lies.

In fact, Turkey is currently experiencing a golden age in terms of talent, with hundreds of well-educated, tech-literate locals heading back to their home country in droves. This is all talent that can fill the growing demand for digital media, innovative online ecosystems and new business models.

While these young companies are certainly in need of finance to survive, investors looking to make their mark in Turkey must also be willing to share their expertise and foster growth. In short, if the Goliath investors can dance with the growing army of digital Davids, everyone stands to benefit.

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About the Author

Amit Pau

Director of Corporate Advisory and entrepreneurcountry
Amit is deeply passionate about helping companies exploit disruption (business models and technology) to transform their business. His 20+ years experience in the TMT industry has given a robust platform to launch numerous market leading solutions in areas such as enterprise mobility, mobile entertainment, managed data services, digital marketing and electronic commerce. Whether it is in a corporate leadership role or an entrepreneurial environment Amit consistently drives innovative 'go to' market strategies in order to deliver quantum growth.

In his previous high profile corporate positions at Vodafone, as Group MD for International Accounts and Business Markets, Amit was instrumental in creating strategic OEM partnerships with Dell, IBM and HP. Additionally, he led the Divisional Units of AT&T and GTS where he launched their e-commerce products and delivered significant scale.

Amit has transformed multiple entrepreneurial companies; whether it be as an investor driving the IPO's or NED working with the Executive team in refining their business models, mentoring them with scaling their operations in order for successful exits. This vastly enriching experience has enhanced his experience in commercialising innovation with a combination of business models and disruptive technologies.

Over the years Amit has served on a number of listed and private boards such as Vodafone Spain, Radamec Plc, IOS Plc and Goldnet, to name a few.
[email protected]

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