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Coursera offers insight for entrepreneurial Greek hopefuls

Written by Shawna Warmington-Brown Monday, 02 June 2014.

Coursera's online education platform has changed the way the world learns with its impressive array of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). But its partnership with indigenous and international bodies to deliver a live entrepreneurship course with specialist Greek content shows that local knowledge still matters.

coursera logoThe 'Beyond Silicon Valley' MOOC on entrepreneurship has gathered an impressive following among budding entrepreneurs, and the decision to partner with local organisations to deliver a course, networking sessions and original video content directly relevant to Greece is a sign of bigger things to come. Both for Coursera and for Greece.

For the online educator it shows that trailblazers need not operate alone. Rather, they can (and should) form part of larger networks that engage for mutual benefit. By facilitating connections between these new partners and a network of hungry innovators, Coursera establishes itself as a facilitator between economic Goliaths and innovative Davids, as well as gaining mainstream acceptance in the business world.

For the Greek economy, this event shows that alternative models can help aspiring entrepreneurs to revitalise the economy and invite investors in. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the teaming up of local social enterprises like Metavallon and representatives of international money like the US Embassy is a strong sign of growth in the startup ecosystem. One that should be welcomed across the region.

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Shawna Warmington-Brown

Shawna Warmington-Brown

Shawna Warmington-Brown joined entrepreneurcountry in December 2013 as Global Content Manager. Her current responsibilities includes creating a monthly magazine and newsletter for investors and entrepreneurs in addition to managing a catalogue of leading entrepreneurial contributors, uploading content online and reaching out to the community via social media. Her interests include business, writing on current affairs and the arts.

Graduating from notable media and communications university The London College of Communication with a honours degree in Journalism, Shawna has also had experience working as a freelance journalist within a wide variety of media genres.

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