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What is EC Global?

‘A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great one plays where the puck is going to be,’ Wayne Gretzy.

entrepreneurcountry Global is where the puck is going to be. It is the future vision described in Welcome to entrepreneurcountry – written by Julie Meyer. If you agree with the vision of the book, then what would you do differently today?

entrepreneurcountry has had many influences. One strong one has been Carlota Perez. She asserts, and we agree, that the sooner society embraces the new common sense, the more all of society benefits.

Our community stretches across 464 million people and 13 regions with more than $3.73 trillion in GDP.

davidngoliath model

Our vision is that great entrepreneur-led start-ups – the ‘David’s’ – and large enterprises – the Goliaths – must dance. David brings new digital revenues to Goliath; he in turn brings distribution to David. entrepreneurcountry puts the digital cars on the highway.

Our proposition is that fast-growing ‘digital enablers’ anywhere on earth want and need to be discovered by their partners, and geography should not be a barrier to access. Equally, we believe that large or mid-size corporates need to have a reliable way to engage with digital innovation and to build digital revenues.

entrepreneurcountry is the long-tail of start-up discovery.

Think of entrepreneurcountry as the Spotify of the Start-up/Corporate Innovation Paradigm: entrepreneurcountry will enable discovery and multiply the size of the market by reducing the cost of disruption by start-up to corporates, and decreasing the cost of discovery of start-ups by corporates.

entrepreneurcountry will re-intermediate leading corporates into the heart of their industries, instead of them being disrupted by technology.

Please join us by going to entrepreneurcountry