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entrepreneurcountry is a community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners and media who believe that entrepreneurship and independent business growth are vital to the future of the UK and Europe. The community meets twice a year and gathers online for information and inspiration and connections.

Our Vision

entrepreneurcountry will be the force behind entrepreneur-led economic growth in the UK and Europe over the coming decade.

entrepreneurcountry and its members will shape the dialogue, create the connections, celebrate the victories and persist in its mission until society understands how fundamental new company and SME growth company momentum is to building economic growth for the UK.

entrepreneurcountry will measure its success by its membership, its impact on the media, and its ability to align the rest of society with the values of the community – accountability, hard work, conviction, and drive.

The founders and founding partners believe that a silent majority of people in the UK want to "live in entrepreneurcountry", and are seeking the inspiration and tools to make the leap.

Our Mantra

Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast.

Please email your endorsement of the manifesto to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

EC Manifesto