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Akamon: A Spanish Success Story

Written by Shawna Warmington-Brown Friday, 30 May 2014.

Listed by The Next Web as one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, with an astonishing 860% revenue growth since 2011, Akamon has exploded on to the online gaming scene, and is prepared to disrupt traditional models.

akamon-logo-r225xThe online gaming industry has traditionally been separated between developers and hosts: the former make the games, the latter license and distribute them. But the rise of social gaming opened up opportunities that Akamon was quick to capitalise on.

Founded in July 2011, Akamon began building a platform for its products; first via organic growth through local portals across Southern Europe and Latin America, then via White Label agreements with global partners, and finally by expanding its social gaming portfolio and building a presence on Facebook and other mobile apps.

Soon these strategies coalesced into one of the most innovative approaches in the gaming industry: 'shared liquidity'. The concept involves removing barriers by connecting players across multiple portals to create a flexible, shared ecosystem that increases the number of engaged players, enhances players' social experience and adds value to the game and individual portals.
Akamon's games now boast the highest ARPPU in casual games and costs partners nothing in development or implementation costs. So it's no surprise to see 21m users on board, or revenue forecasts predicting a jump from €9.5m to €15m in 2014. We're excited to see what happens next.

Click here to read this article in Spanish.

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Shawna Warmington-Brown

Shawna Warmington-Brown joined entrepreneurcountry in December 2013 as Global Content Manager. Her current responsibilities includes creating a monthly magazine and newsletter for investors and entrepreneurs in addition to managing a catalogue of leading entrepreneurial contributors, uploading content online and reaching out to the community via social media. Her interests include business, writing on current affairs and the arts.

Graduating from notable media and communications university The London College of Communication with a honours degree in Journalism, Shawna has also had experience working as a freelance journalist within a wide variety of media genres.

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