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Carriots: connecting the Internet of Things

Written by Amit Pau Friday, 30 May 2014.

When it comes to 21st century technological revolutions, the Internet of Things (IoT) is perhaps one of the most exciting. And when innovative young startups like Carriots get involved, the opportunities for this new tech become all the more clear.

carriotsCarriots is aiming to accelerate the adoption of smart tech using its proprietary platform to help manage the complex world that is the IoT. Its online software can help companies large and small to interconnect all of their smart technology, collect crucial usage data, and even build and communicate with bespoke apps.

And the uses, it seems, are practically endless. Carriots has been helping Goliaths from industries as varied as banking, oil and gas and even city planners to harness the power of the IoT. Recent innovations include smart beer taps and vending machines for the hospitality industry, livestock tracking and "smart irrigation" for agriculture, and even "smart waste management" for a handful of Spanish cities.

With a smart team behind it and a highly experienced CEO (Miguel Castillo of Ola Internet and Oesia fame), Carriots is innovating in a way that only a startup can: quickly spotting niche opportunities and gaps in the market, and pulling out all the stops to find surprising, inventive solutions.

Click here to read this article in Spanish.

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About the Author

Amit Pau

Director of Corporate Advisory and entrepreneurcountry
Amit is deeply passionate about helping companies exploit disruption (business models and technology) to transform their business. His 20+ years experience in the TMT industry has given a robust platform to launch numerous market leading solutions in areas such as enterprise mobility, mobile entertainment, managed data services, digital marketing and electronic commerce. Whether it is in a corporate leadership role or an entrepreneurial environment Amit consistently drives innovative 'go to' market strategies in order to deliver quantum growth.

In his previous high profile corporate positions at Vodafone, as Group MD for International Accounts and Business Markets, Amit was instrumental in creating strategic OEM partnerships with Dell, IBM and HP. Additionally, he led the Divisional Units of AT&T and GTS where he launched their e-commerce products and delivered significant scale.

Amit has transformed multiple entrepreneurial companies; whether it be as an investor driving the IPO's or NED working with the Executive team in refining their business models, mentoring them with scaling their operations in order for successful exits. This vastly enriching experience has enhanced his experience in commercialising innovation with a combination of business models and disruptive technologies.

Over the years Amit has served on a number of listed and private boards such as Vodafone Spain, Radamec Plc, IOS Plc and Goldnet, to name a few.
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