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Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund

Ariadne Capital was founded to bring the model of "Entrepreneurs Backing Entrepreneurs" to the UK and Europe. Our whole aim is to create the gold standard for the financing of entrepreneurship. To that end, we have built - since August 2000 - a global partnership of entrepreneurs:

  • first with the 60 founding investors of Ariadne Capital - the "Investor Members"
  • secondly with the 25 Limited Partners of the Ariadne Fund

This global partnership of entrepreneurs was the first in Europe or the UK to organise the "Entrepreneurs Backing Entrepreneurs" model at an institutional level. No other private equity firm or venture capital firm had entrepreneurs' capital at their founding DNA in 2000 in Europe or the UK.

Ariadne has completed a first close of its debut venture capital fund, the Ariadne Fund I in December 2011.

The Ariadne FundTM focuses on seed and early-stage (post product beta) VC investments in "digital enablers".

We seek to back companies led by strong entrepreneurs with relevant expertise / a track record of success. In particular we are interested in companies that are codifying a game-changing business model in a particular industry in which they operate (music, construction, finance, health, procurement ...etc) via a "digital enabler" (e.g. search tool, technology platform...) in order to drive a new set of inclusive economics to the stakeholders in that industry (e.g. for music the stakeholders might be the artist, the fan, record label, brand, radio station) such that it is in everyone's interests to drive the multiplier network effects in order to share a cut in the "Ecosystem Economics™."

Reinforcing our commitment to the financing model of 'entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs', the Ariadne FundTM has secured its backing, management and advisory board from the ranks of the UK and Europe's most successful serial entrepreneurs.
The Ariadne FundTM will be more than just an investor, it will be a partner to its portfolio companies, supporting them in building customer adoption, media profile, business development deals and partnerships. We also provide access to world-class talent, market intelligence and ongoing dialogues with potential acquirers.


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