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Santander Breakthrough

Growth Acceleration for British Business

Santander's Breakthrough programme seeks to identify the best entrepreneurial companies in the UK and help them achieve their full potential.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are pivotal to the success of the UK economy. According to Government statistics, SMEs account for almost half of UK private sector output and almost 60% of private sector employment. In short, SMEs are vital in terms of job and wealth creation.

Seeded within the SME sector are the economic giants of tomorrow. These are the companies that are not only trading successfully, but also growing rapidly. Such star performers have the potential to become major players in their industries, employing not just tens or hundreds of people but perhaps thousands as their businesses expand. Santander's Breakthrough programme is designed to help businesses like these fulfil their potential.

Through Breakthrough, Santander seeks to identify and support successful, fast-growth SMEs as they work to break through to the next level of success. Of course, funding is an important part of the package, and over the next few years we aim to make £200 million available for investment in businesses that we see as 'Growth Champions'. At the same time, we will also ensure that any company selected for the programme will have access to some of the best advice and talent available, including businesspeople who have already established their own companies as market leaders on a national and global stage.

The Breakthrough programme is designed to provide fast-growth companies with the resources and knowledge they need to push towards the next level. The programme does this in a number of ways. Businesses that receive funding through the Breakthrough programme will have first call on a series of groundbreaking initiatives, including:

  • Breakthrough Live
  • Breakthrough Talent
  • Breakthrough Responsibly
  • Breakthrough Growth Capital
  • Breakthrough Masterclasses
  • Breakthrough International


John Mark Williams

Santander Breakthrough, Head of Santander Breakthrough UK


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